Get a blog or I’ll take my business elsewhere

OK, I wouldn’t go quite that far. Yet.

But I find myself searching out the blogs of those businesses and individuals with which I choose to do business. And not just the online businesses, software or technology companies. I assume they have blogs and am disappointed when I find out they don’t. Netflix has one. SmugMug has one. So does 37 Signals as does the Windows Live Digital Memories Team.

It won’t be long before I expect my realtor, my doctor, my dentist and my accountant to have a blog. Why shouldn’t they? I want to know more about them than I can glean from a marketing brochure or ad in the yellow pages.  Basically I want to know what makes them tick. Those that jump in now will be that much further ahead.

Smart money is on my dentist to be the first to embrace blogging.