First Time That’s Been Said

As a kid I thought it was funny to create sentences that nobody in the history of the world had ever said before. For example, can you imagine someone has ever uttered the phrase:

Applying eye liner to my sister’s zebra makes me happier than spreading ants on my grandma’s birthday cake

All fairly common words, yet possibly the first time they’ve been assembled in this fashion. Making sense isn’t the key. You just have to be the first person to create the sentence using common words.

I’m not sure what this says about my childhood, but this is the type of activity that would keep me occupied for hours. I’m not embarrassed to admit what I did in my youth, but I’m hesitant to say I still play this game when I’m in the car. Alone.

But the more our kids grow the more I find myself uttering sentences that sound weird and oftentimes inappropriate if taken out of context. And I wonder if those games I played in my youth were merely practice for when kids came along.

It’s to the point now where I’ll say something and only later think back and ponder how it came to be that saying, “Get your hands out of your butt” seemed appropriate at the time.

Over the last week I’ve also said, “Don’t lick your sister’s ear” and “Please don’t bite your brother’s toenails”. I didn’t’ think twice when I used those words. Yet in hindsight, someone may read this and wonder if our family is a bunch of cannibals.

4 thoughts on “First Time That’s Been Said

  1. I just wrote “reincorporate pig” on my Next Action list (in reference to my now-missing pig graphic on my Sufficient Thrust blog).

    I wonder if anyone else has ever said that…


  2. Brett, I am laughing out loud because my brother and I would play that same kind of game! How funny is that?! One of my favorites that I remember saying is, “Will you please hand me that piano?”. (Not quite as creative as your zebra eyeliner and ants on grandma’s cake, but I figured it was something that probably had never been said.) We had so much fun with it. Wasn’t being a kid just the best thing? 🙂
    However as adults we still say the weirdest things to our kids (like “…I’ll put you in the toy box and sit on it”), but it’s totally their fault because they do the weirdest things!


  3. Marina: I can’t imagine someone has ever said, reincorporate pig, till now. I went to your blog and I miss the flair the pig brings to the site. I look forward to its return.


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