My Top 11 Blogging Tips

I’ve been blogging now for over eight years. Back when I started I followed a few blogs including Scripting News which is still one of my favorite blogs. None of my friends or family had any clue what a blog was so I had to use words other than “blog” to describe what I was doing. Telling my guy friends that I kept an online journal was the equivalent of admitting I kept a secret diary in my lockable Hello Kitty notebook. It just wasn’t very cool. But around 2004 more people started to take notice and I could use the word, blog, in most settings without risk of embarrassment and confused stares.

I figured I’d throw together a few things I’ve learned over the years about blogging. Here are my top 11 blogging tips:

  1. Your writing is more important than your blogging platform, theme, plugins and style sheet. If your writing is top notch, nobody will care how ugly your blog is.
  2. Starting a blog is easy. The first few weeks or even months is exciting. But after a while, it takes time and dedication. Most will bail, but the best will push through.
  3. The A-List Bloggers talk about the same topics, so don’t worry about subscribing to more than a couple of them. More than three or four and you end up with content overlap. They attend the same conferences and hang out in the same circles.
  4. The best way to grow your readership is to read and comment on other blogs.
  5. Keep your posts as short as possible while still getting your point across. Posts are like resumes: after a page I get bored and move on.
  6. Linking is good. Linking to new or lessor known bloggers is better. Like this one.
  7. Take a stance. I come to your blog looking for your take on things. Tell me what you think, even if it’s controversial. Don’t tell me the plot of the movie. I want to hear whether you enjoyed it or not and why.
  8. Take your own pictures. A picture you took is 10x better than one you found on GIS.
  9. Admit when you made a mistake or changed your mind. I’ve been ripping Vista for over a year. But recently changed my mind after a good experience with it on a new laptop. It’s OK to say, “A while back I felt this way, but now I feel different“.
  10. Encourage and help others start a blog. I’ve helped my wife, mother-in-law, father and numerous friends start blogs. Some have quit while others have created blogs I consider better than my own. This is awesome!
  11. Write today. Write now. Just write!
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2 thoughts on “My Top 11 Blogging Tips

  1. Good one. The most important tips I think, are to get involved commenting on other’s blogs, and to encourage others. Am sending this blog onto a CSR professional who is just starting out in the blogging realm and could do with some encouragement. It’s hard when you are tired late at night trying to get to grips with WordPress. I know. I’ve been there!


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