I Like My Chances

On my way into work, I passed two signs that caught my eye. I noticed the first sign as I passed the newly renovated Taco Bell. A large banner across the front of the store announced: "ALWAYS HIRING". I wonder if Taco Bell has so much turnover they are always looking for help?  Or maybe they constantly churn their staff. You just need to be a little better than their worst employee. Either way, I doubt it builds much employee morale.

The second sign hung from an Arby’s just down the road from the Taco Bell. When I saw the sign I couldn’t stop laughing as I imagined an Arby’s district manager coming into town and cleaning house. The sign said, "NOW HIRING 3 MANAGERS AND 3 ASSISTANT MANAGERS". I wonder who is managing the store today??

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One thought on “I Like My Chances

  1. Makes me want to apply at Taco Bell!

    It always amazes me that things like that don’t prompt some kind of assessment on the part of the higher ups. The unexamined life is not worth living, but that doesn’t seem to stop some asinine enterprises from going forward.


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