Coloring Easter Eggs

Whoever invented the custom of coloring Easter eggs must not have had children because if any color got on our eggs it was certainly by accident. We did color a lot of other items, most of which are not at all related to Easter unless the table, chairs, hair, faces and dog count.

The egg coloring kit came with five color tablets. I carefully separated the colors pouring the recommended amounts of water and vinegar into the color coded cups. All was going well until the kids demanded they test out the flimsy egg dunker that looks like it’s made out of one extra large paperclip. I have no idea what demented mind created this thing, but it only works if you have a perfectly balanced egg and the skilled hands of a brain surgeon. The egg dunker in the hands of my kids is just a cruel way of transporting eggs from the carton onto the floor in record time.


I laughed when I picked up the egg coloring kit and saw these gorgeous eggs that must have been colored by Martha Stewart.  A more realistic picture would include the eggs my 3-year old dunked into all five colors. She reminded me of the days I’d gross out out my parents by ordering the Kamikaze snow-cone with one squirt of each flavor. She created the egg coloring equivalent of the Kamikaze.

We eventually colored all the eggs. Those that hadn’t turned black received the sticker treatment. I forget that kids don’t understand the notion of pacing themselves, and instead of putting three or four stickers on each egg, decided it was best to put 50 stickers on three eggs. No wonder Kim had to make a quick Target run leaving me in charge.

We made a mess, dyed our hands, and maybe even drank some vinegar. But we survived. And you know what? The eggs the kids created are more beautiful than those on the coloring kit cover because they were lovingly hand-crafted by by three great kids. Take that, Martha!

2 thoughts on “Coloring Easter Eggs

  1. Awesome job Brett and kids … and smart mama for making a Target run. The eggs are beautiful. It reminds me of when I was a little girl.


  2. Boy did I feel bad I had to make that emergency Target trip (ah hem). You did a GREAT job and the kids had a blast. The eggs look beautiful. I think we have a new tradition. Mom goes shopping while Dad colors eggs with the kids. 🙂


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