Damp Hair Hugs

The time just before the kids go to bed are some of the most hectic, loud, pull-your-hair-out-wanna-scream minutes of the day. At least one person is crying while another is running around the house naked. And that’s just the parents.

My goal at this point is to settle the kids down enough where I can catch them two at a time and fling them over my shoulder like sacks of potatoes. Then I make a beeline for their rooms before they can escape my grasp or give me a wet willie. 

One after another, each child is delivered to his or her bed where the next escape can be plotted. We say prayers, give hugs, and an occasional high five before I retreat to my computer in the basement to recover from the ordeal.


Yet I know what’s coming. As much as I’d like to think I did an admirable job of tucking them into bed I know that Luca is quietly tip toeing down the stairs. She’ll come up behind me and ask for one last hug. She wrap her hands around my neck while her cute, blonde and damp hair smacks me in the face.

Damp hair hugs from my 7 year old daughter. Best part of the day? You bet.

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