Dominos Pizza Tracker

I’m tending our 4 kids tonight while Kim is out on the town with some friends. I didn’t feel like opening a can of chili so I decided to hit the Domino’s website and order a couple of pizzas.

When I finished my order I was taken to a screen called the PIZZA TRACKER where I could keep an eye on my pizzas as they rolled down the assembly line. I’ve heard of car companies who do this which makes sense when you’ve placed an order for an expensive item. But a fricking pizza?

I figured maybe this tracker would pacify my kids and keep them from asking WHENSTHEPIZZAGONNABEHERE. I moved the tracker page over to my 2nd monitor and caught myself watching it as intently as my kids. I could see that “Vicki” prepped and baked my pizzas. Someone named Eric boxed and was set to deliver them to me.

screen_2008-04-04 17.05.41

About 15 minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened it and said, “Hey Eric, do you have our pizzas?”. Eric didn’t see the humor in my comment but I made up for it with a big tip.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about the usefulness of the Pizza Tracker. But after one use, I’m convinced I should be able to track everything I order online in real time.

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  1. Alas, the Golden Days of 700.00 per week, for 30 hours and 2/3’s in cash after expenses (.89/GAL) are long gone. You’d have to be young and foolish to try this now at 4.00/GAL.


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