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I came across a review for ThreatFire in the latest edition of Maximum PC which named it one of nine winners of their “Kick Ass” software awards. ThreatFire is an anti-virus program, but it instead of only being able to protect against known viruses and malware, it looks for malicious behavior making it effective against many “zero-day” exploits.  

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I’ve installed ThreatFire on my three computers at home. It’s small footprint and easy installation routine make it simple enough for anyone to use. When ThreatFire notices potential malicious behavior it pops up a warning giving you the chance to shut the program down or allow it to continue. When I opened Outlook, ThreatFire noticed a plugin (Xobni) was attempting to access my .PST file and notified me.

I figured it would be a good idea to install ThreatFire on my kids computer which I did. But I think it’s just as valuable on Kim’s and my mine. Going forward, I will run ThreatFire and ETrust together.

Link to ThreatFire download

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