Watch Me Do This

“Hey, Dad, watch me do this”. I must hear that phrase at least twenty times a day. I hear it when my son wants me to watch him finish off the final monster in Zelda.  My youngest daughter will say it when she’s about to let loose an earth-shattering burp that’s entirely too loud for such a small body.

As I sat at the computer this weekend, I heard Luca open the front door and yell, “Hey, Dad, come watch me!!” So I headed for the front yard where I saw her doing this:


One of our neighbors brought over a hula hoop and Luca decided to teach herself. She’s a perfectionist and possesses her father’s competitive nature. As she whipped the oversized hoop around her waist she said, “I can do it 40 times”. By the time Kim came outside to watch she was counting well into the two hundreds.

Children like to try new things. They aren’t afraid to fail. If the hoop falls, just pick it up and try again. This is what being a kid is all about. Learn something new and then show others what you’ve learned.

I’m aware of few “hula hoops” that I’ve kept from attempting because I’m afraid I’ll fail. I’ve wanted to try snow boarding for many years. Yet I recall how the first few times skiing I spent more time on my butt than on my skis and I don’t want to look stupid. I need to get over it and just try it.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Me Do This

  1. Luca is one determined little girl when she puts her heart to learning something new! I couldn’t believe she picked it up so fast.


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