A Few Things I Miss

When we moved back to Seattle three years ago I took a job in downtown Seattle. I loved working downtown. I took a 30 minute commuter train from Auburn (south of Seattle) into King Street Station and walked to my office near Pioneer Square.

Downtown Seattle near Pioneer Square

There’s an energy. A buzz if you will. Pedestrians move with a purpose. The crowd is eclectic. It’s a mix of suits, tourists and street people pushing everything they belong down the street in a shopping cart.

I’ve worked in Redmond for the past year on the Microsoft campus. It’s so very clean, overrun with expensive cars, and dotted with programmers wearing shorts and flip flops. It couldn’t be more different than downtown Seattle. 

Yet it’s no comparison.

Working in the city is more exciting. It’s unpredictable. Some days it’s an adventure.

I miss browsing the wall of “staff recommendations” at Elliott Bay Bookstore.

I miss walking past the many small flower shops at just the right time to watch the owners creating amazing bouquets for those lucky first few customers.

I miss watching the street musicians play during lunch hour. Especially that guy with the miniature piano who played with tape wrapped around every finger.

I miss the small but authentic restaurants like the Italian Pizza joint where the owner stops whatever he’s doing to greet each customer.

I miss the “Sandwich Nazi” at Bakeman’s, home of the three buck sandwich. Terrible service but awesome food.

I miss the trendy shoe and jewelry shops with funny signs making fun of Republicans.

I miss watching the huge cargo ships come into port while the cool, salty wind blows against my face.

Redmond is nice. But downtown is home.

One day I’ll be back.

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