Best Part of the Day

I wish I could say that our kids get ready for bed by brushing their teeth and saying their prayers before cheerfully jumping into bed and going right to sleep with little drama.

Not once has that ever happened at our house.

Usually I’m dragging one child away from the fridge while another is attached to my leg like a leech begging for a camel ride that only dad can provide. If we’re lucky they don’t sneak into the large carton of Whoppers after brushing their teeth. And once they finally get into bed the cries for water, the right blanket and the specific stuffed animal start.

It’s exhausting.

But with a lot of coercing, begging, threats of no Nintendo for a week and a little luck, our three oldest kids eventually find themselves in a bed. Any bed will do as long as it has A NUMBER OF PILLOWS GREATER THAN 11.

I like to go around to Anna, Lincoln and Luca where I get a hug, kiss and an occasional “good night high five” from wild Anna.

Picture of Luca taken by her uncle Warren

I eventually make it around to Luca who sleeps on the top bunk over Anna Lynn. She inches towards me, reaches her little arms around my neck and gives me a big kiss on the cheek. I tell her how much I love her and tells me that she loves me too. She smiles, rolls over and pulls the blanket up to her chin.

It doesn’t matter how much energy I expend getting the kids into bed or how frustrating the whole production can be at times. Being on the receiving end of a big hug from my daughter makes it all worth it.

Best part of the day. Absolutely.

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2 thoughts on “Best Part of the Day

  1. What a great reminder to all parents to cherish those tender moments with their children. I look forward each day when I arrive home from work and see my girls beautiful smiles and see how excited they are to see me. That’s the best part of my day. 🙂


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