The Supersized Soccer Snack

When I played soccer as a kid we were lucky if a parent remembered to bring along a bag of oranges cut into fourths for our halftime and after game snack.

Times have sure changed.

If I were to cut up some oranges for my son’s game, he’d be kicked off the team. Good old fashioned, healthy oranges no longer make the grade. At the end of my son’s game last week, another parent brought bags full of snacks so large I thought he was going away to summer camp because it was enough food to last him for a week. image

Who SUPERSIZED the soccer snack?

The typical soccer snack today includes a full size Gatorade, bag of chips, bag  of cookies, and a granola bar. My wife brought hot chocolate on an unseasonably cold morning in addition to the snack. She didn’t think anything of it because the bar had been set earlier in the season.

The problem stems from the overzealous parents who bring the snack to the first game. They set the tone for the rest of the season because each subsequent game becomes an exercise in trying to one-up the previous week’s snack.

The season starts out with bottled water and celery sticks but ends with enough junk food to make my kids pull their shirts over their heads and do the “ Great Cornholio” for the next seven hours.

3 thoughts on “The Supersized Soccer Snack

  1. I don’t feel that I have to “one-up” the snack…but I certainly don’t want to be the cheapskate that brings the snack that makes the kids cry. The worst was the week I didn’t realize Lincoln had snack and…oops…no snack. Luckily one of the dads offered to run down the road to the store and grab something. I felt like a total loser.

    Oh, and the hot chocolate…total hit! It was FREEZING that day in the rain and snow and it was the perfect half time morale booster.


  2. When my kids were in Little League I don’t think there was a “snack” traditio but maybe my old rememberer has forgotten. It sounds like they need to take a back pack to get their stuff home, hehe.


  3. last year when it was my turn for snack, for forest’s baseball team i took a huge bowl of quartered oranges. they were a huge hit. the only problem was i had way to many so we shared with the other team. they loved it too, and the rest didn’t last too long with grayson around.
    i will probably do oranges again when it’s my turn this month. i refuse to go spend oodles of money on empty sugar calories. i’ll force my healthy snack on them instead. 😀


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