At What Age

I worked later than normal this evening to finish up some paperwork and wait for traffic to die down which it didn’t. Traffic seldom cooperates. By the time I arrived home, Kim had fed and bathed the kids which immediately takes the two big tasks off the table.

Kim has been under the weather a bit so I felt bad I wasn’t around to help out earlier. About the only way I could think to help was to put the salt and pepper shakers back in the cupboard and clean the kids ears. Two jobs I can handle.

I took the kids downstairs and sat them on the couch next to me. Lincoln sat to the left me of and Luca sat to the right. Anna Lynn jumped on my lap as usual. I tried to find the Lakers. vs Celtics game on ABC but DirecTV said the channel was experiencing “technical difficulties” so I switched over to SportsCenter to wait for the score ticker. Celts up by 5 in the 4th quarter so no way was I switching over to Nickelodeon.

That’s when Lincoln and Anna Lynn realized there would be no Backyardigans and bolted upstairs looking for trouble. But Luca was tired. She put her head on my shoulder and placed an arm on my chest.


She fell fast asleep. I sat there watching SportsCenter with my oldest daughter asleep on my shoulder and wondering how much longer she’ll be willing to do this. I turned the sound off so I could hear her gentle breathing. Her hair was still wet from the bath she took earlier, and I could feel the cool dampness on my ribs. I could sit like this for hours with Luca.

At what age does it no longer become cool to hang out with your dad? I hope she’ll always want to have me around, but I understand that as she gets more involved in school and makes more friends, the time she has for me will decrease.

That means I need to take advantage of the times like I had tonight with my daughter. I decided I’d let her sleep on my shoulder as long as she wanted.

One thought on “At What Age

  1. I had similar feelings after Luca played in the talent show at her school and then ran and jumped on my lap. She kept going from my lap and then to her friends and then back to my lap. I was happy that she wasn’t embarrassed to snuggle into my lap with her friends watching, and I wondered how long it would be that way.


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