The Fringe Benefits of Piano Lessons

We attended Luca’s third piano recital this evening, and she did a magnificent job. She played a song called “Song of the Sea Shell” that included more difficult timing than she’s performed before, but she practiced for many hours and pulled it off.

I noticed a few fringe benefits Luca has enjoyed by taking piano lessons. When she started to take lessons she was very shy not comfortable performing in public. But her piano teacher expects her to walk on stage, face the audience and say her name and announce the song she’ll be playing. She’s calmly announced her song at each recital, and it’s apparent how much time her teacher has spent with her in this regard. This is a valuable skill to learn at any age.


When the kids finished performing their musical numbers, Luca’s teacher stepped to the front of the group and asked “Do you remember what to say when someone gives you a compliment?”

In unison, nearly 20 kids said, “We say THANK YOU!” The teacher nodded her head and reminded them again to graciously accepted complements and to not worry or mention any mistakes that were made. “Your family and friends came to support you tonight and they don’t care if you made mistakes”.

What a fantastic teacher!

I’m thrilled that Luca has improved her piano skills over the past year. But I’m just as excited to see her confidence grow along with her ability to perform in front of a group and learn to accept appreciation for a song well played.

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