Queen of Frisbee

Grandpa brought a Frisbee into town yesterday and the kids have acted like he gave them each a golden ticket to Grandpa Nordquist’s Chocolate Factory. This afternoon we gathered the kids to toss it around the backyard.

This wasn’t your run of the mill Frisbee toss. Grandpa would throw the magic green disc to Luca who would throw it to me. I’d throw it to Lincoln who would roll it or run it to Grandpa who would throw it to Anna. This is where the game ground to a halt.


Anna would take the Frisbee and place it on her head and proclaim herself, Queen of Frisbee. This didn’t last long. Eventually Luca and Lincoln would run after her until she was tackled and the Frisbee was extracted from her hands.

Thankfully, the game only lasted about 20 minutes before Anna hooked a tossed into our neighbors yard. It’s a yard like that on Sandlot, home to a gigantic dog and lots of spiders in the grass.

At least that’s what I told them.

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