Lint Rolling the Couches

As I was putting the kids to bed…well, let me rephrase that…as I tried in vain to herd my two daughters into their room while Kim held an ice pack to Lincoln’s bare butt (don’t ask) I noticed this job list on on Lincoln’s night stand. Kim must have written it yesterday in preparation for my dad’s visit to Seattle.

I read through the job list twice and was surprised I didn’t receive a single task which is curious since I took the day off work. At the very least I could have cleaned under my bed.

I did spend about 45 minutes cleaning my bathroom. I am amazed that Kim can read 4 books for every book I read and I believe that ratio holds true when it comes to chores around the house. While I cleaned one small bathroom she cleaned the entire upstairs of our home.

Next time a list like this gets made I’m calling dibs on lint roller duty.


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One thought on “Lint Rolling the Couches

  1. I think it’s a lot more fun for kids to help clean when it is because Grandpa is coming to town! I can even remember doing this when my Grandma came out to stay with us a night from Salt Lake to Draper. She’d come on a Friday and help Mom catch up her ironing and do a super clean on the house and then we’d have a picnic Saturday afternoon and take her home.


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