Flowers on the Corner

I spotted a lady selling gorgeous flower bouquets while I filled up my car this afternoon. She was arranging a collection of followers of many colors as I approached her. I said, “Can I buy the bouquet you’re working on?” She nodded and went back to work.

I watched her grab flowers and leaves and other plants I didn’t recognize out of the back of her Pathfinder. She’d move and twist and the stems just so. She pulled off leaves and cut stems to the right length.

One of the many flowers I bought today

Her hands moved in a flurry. I wondered if she had a picture in her mind of how the finished product should look or if she created it on the fly.

The flowers kept coming and the size of the bouquet keep growing. I thought to myself maybe I should have asked how much she planned to sell it for before offering to buy it.

She added some green and still more flowers. Finally she ripped off a large swath of white paper and wrapped it around the flowers. The last thing she did was tie a small bag of water to the end of the stems before handing it to me.

I stood there holding this amazing bouquet barely able to see her when she said, “How does ten dollars sound?”

I gave her $15.

I bought them home to Kim who put them in a vase in the kitchen.

I should have given her $25.

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6 thoughts on “Flowers on the Corner

  1. Beautiful shot. Yes, I like flowers. A lot. Even more than my wife.

    I love the back-story on this post but I really wish people didn’t sell them self short. I mean $10 for a bouquet of flowers? I hope she made a killing.


  2. Ash, the bouquets she had for sell were about half the price I’ve seen them elsewhere. And they were huge! I’ll definitely go back. A friend of mine told me about her and he buys from her each week.


  3. Hey Brett, can you point out that flower stand to Matt the next time you guys carpool together? 😉 Thanks!!


  4. Meag, yep, I’ll point it out to him next time we drive together although he’ll need to drive the Freestyle because the bouquets are so large, they won’t fit in his little Saturn.


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