See Kai Run

We stopped by a small but unique store in Bellevue today called Common Folk Kid located at Crossroads Shopping Center. We visit the store when we’re in the area because they carry toys and puzzles and games and clothing we don’t find elsewhere.

Our kids love to browse through the store and tells us what they REALLY REALLY REALLY need.

Take it to Santa.

As we looked around the store, Kim noticed they carry a line of shoes for kids called See Kai Run that we love but have never purchased. But how could we pass up a pair for very own little Kai?

We couldn’t. 


3 thoughts on “See Kai Run

  1. i noticed these while i was holding him today. i thought they were so unique but i didn’t pay attention to the brand. too funny.
    he is such a sweet little boy. so content and quiet. he didn’t mind at all that i was holding him while mommy gave her lesson. he did look towards her voice a time or two but didn’t fuss at all.
    tell kim thanks for letting me help. it’s fun to get that little baby fix once in a while.


  2. Keli, thank you for holding Kai at church today. I came down after Kim finished her lesson and didn’t see him. Kim leaned over to tell me you had him. Thanks for watching him. Hopefully he wasn’t too wiggly.


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