Nordquist Blog Goes All GQ

I’ve said it’s always good to have a friend who is a programmer. But since I’ve started blogging I’ve found it just as helpful to have a friend who is a skilled designer, and I have that in my friend, Brandon, who worked his magic on my site this evening.

I asked him to create a logo and give me a little more space to work with on my blog, yet keep the overall flow and simplicity in tact. He gave it a new look without making it too fancy. It’s also nice to have a design that’s all mine.

When I first started reading blogs regularly, I visited each site to see if new content was available. When I discovered Bloglines I stopped that practice. I switched to Google Reader recently and I use it to read a number of blogs. But I follow about 25 blogs or so that I visit regularly, and I feel I gain someone by visiting the actual sites instead of pulling the content through an RSS reader.

13 thoughts on “Nordquist Blog Goes All GQ

  1. i like the new look Brett. my only beef is there is not link to the main page. maybe it doesn’t matter.
    i just discovered google reader a few weeks ago too. it makes life so much easier. i like being able to just read all the blogs i like to follow and then go to the actual blog to comment. does it rob them of knowing who’s reading when i just pull it off the reader?


  2. Great logo. I need to work on something like that myself. Make sure your friend gets a great bottle of wine for his troubles.

    Love reading about your adventures as a new dad. I remember those days, sometime fondly…


  3. Keli, I’ve been trying to decide how to best to depict how readers can navigate back home because it’s not as clear with this new design. But you can get back to the main page by clicking anywhere in the blue header. I thought most people would click on my logo or “brett nordquist blog”. I may have to revisit.

    I’m not sure how blogs account for readers through RSS readers such as Google reader. It’s fun getting feedback so I don’t pay as much attention to actual numbers as I do the comments.


  4. was it there before? my cursor still doesn’t turn into a hand. 🙂 i’m not complaining, maybe that’s just why i didn’t realize it was there before. please don’t let this come across as, “i hate your design!” i swear it’s not a big deal. darn electronic communication, can’t always get get across what i’m intending. blah, blah, blah, blah, i’ll shut up now.


  5. Keli, I didn’t think you hated the design at all. And you’re right, it wasn’t there before and the cursor doesn’t change into a hand although I might add that at some point if people get confused. I hope the little home logo helps, but I appreciate your feedback.


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