Dragons on My Mind

Given how often I have music playing in the background, it’s not uncommon to have a song running through my mind throughout the day. Especially when I’m bored. It’s usually a song like Mother from Pink Floyd or similar tune I’ve listened to for years and know all the lyrics to. screen_2008-08-22 00.23.45

But yesterday, as I sat in a large conference room, surrounded by colleagues waiting for the HR manager to arrive I found myself humming the song below as these lyrics whirled through my mind:

“Come along take my hand…let’s all go to Dragon Land.”

When I caught myself humming the theme from Dragon Tails, I sheepishly looked around to see if anyone was listening. If anyone was listening they probably chalked it up to the fact I was working on my 2nd Diet Coke before 9 am.

It could have been worse. It could have been this.


5 thoughts on “Dragons on My Mind

  1. Humming is becoming a long lost art, and expression of life. Hum away …
    I start my day sometimes by humming along to a song called: “Born to Hum”.
    “Weeeee were born to hummmmmmm…”

    It’s difficult to have a frown on your face after humming.


  2. You have no idea how it feels to have childrens songs (aside from christmas songs and hymns) be the only songs you can sing randomly! Let alone have them get stuck in your head! I am in nursery on Sundays and in the car we play a lot of toddler songs because that entertains my daughter… So I don’t sing a lot of popular songs to adults. I can’t remember them till they are on the radio again.


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