Remembering the Beijing Olympics

This summer’s Olympic games were so amazing that I’m sad to see them come to an end this evening. Here’s what I’ll remember most:

  1. After winning gold in women’s beach volleyball, watching May and Walsh fall to the sand in jubilation. A wonderful moment!
  2. Usain Bolt’s chest thump on the way to setting a world record in the 100m.
  3. Gymnast Shawn Johnson’s infectious smile.
  4. Lebron James diving out of bounds to save a ball in a game vs. Greece with his team up big. The “Redeem Team” made me proud of the NBA again.
  5. Watching Michael Phelps cheer on his teammate, Ryan Lochte, in the 100×4 relay. The most exciting event I watched.


This marks the first Olympics that I watched more of online than sitting in front of the TV. NBC did a nice job of getting video of the events online quickly and the quality was quite good.

What were your favorite moments?

One thought on “Remembering the Beijing Olympics

  1. In enjoyed the options of watching some of the events that NBC didn’t show on prime time. USA Network, CNBC and Oxygen networks all showed different sports. It was fun to see table tennis, tennis, equestrian, distance lake swimming, wrestling, water polo. A lot of options,


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