Sears, We Have a Problem

Here’s one of the shirts I purchased at Sears yesterday once I was able to find someone to take my money.

I washed the shirt this afternoon and didn’t realize the associate failed to remove the ink tag until it went through the dryer. What you can’t see in this picture is the red ink stains under the tag. It could have been worse. Best I can tell the ink didn’t bleed into other clothing.

I purchased a similar shirt in burgundy at the same time which had the tag removed. Perplexing.

So it’s back to Sears tomorrow. I hope they have the same shirt in stock.


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  1. Growing up in Ogden, we never shopped at Sears. It was like shopping at K-mart on 36th & Wall. A true “dump” in every sense of the word. Since moving from Ogden, we’ve shopped there a few times specifically for Lands End clothing. The problem is, the quality of Lands Ends clothing seems to be inconsistent with Sears poor customer service.



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