Lands End Reaches Out

A day after I wrote about my experience at Sears, I received the following email:

Hello Brett,

My name is Amanda Broderick and I work for Lands’ End.  I ran across your blog posting about your experience at one of our Lands’ End shops within Sears.  We take pride in offering excellent customer service and I’m sorry that you had such a frustrating incident in the store.  We are constantly striving to offer the best service we can and it’s unfortunate that we obviously let you down.  Would you be willing to share which store you visited so we can make sure that the sales associates receive additional training?  Also, we’d love the opportunity to attempt to regain your respect and trust.  May I send you a gift card to put towards a future positive Lands’ End experience?

Warm regards,
Amanda Broderick
Lands’ End

I’m impressed there’s someone at Lands End following blogs and reaching out to customers in this manner.

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10 thoughts on “Lands End Reaches Out

  1. That is quite a statement. It would be interesting to know are they just searching the web or was someone that worked at Land’s End happen to be a reader of your blog.


  2. @Jeff I’m sure they’re using Google alerts. A very useful tool, and bravo to them for using it wisely to manage their customer relations on the web.

    @Brett I’m not surprised by this, since Lands End has consistently provided a good e-commerce experience, been prompt with my online orders, and has exceeded my quality expectations.

    @Amanda Broderick You go girl! 🙂


  3. Remember the old days when you had to write a letter to the store to complain. Now their out looking for us on the net.

    Wait, is this a case of Big Brother?


  4. Reminds me of Red Robin.
    I made an offhand comment to the server about lukewarm fajitas and how bland they were. Not a minute later, the manager showed up apologizing, comped our meal and produced a coupon for a free entree for our next visit.
    After that, I was so loyal, I would have given them one of my kidneys.


  5. Landsend: Just now got an order from them with a missing item; to call and risk being labeled a thief is embarrassing. But when I called, they were cool and didn’t insinuate, I expect the missing item any day now.


  6. That is awesome no matter how they found out about your experience! To have someone step up and say we care and we want to earn back your respect say a lot for a company.


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