Taco Time Does Not Want My Feedback

We took our kids to Taco Time in Covington last night because our oldest daughter was going to die if she didn’t get some CINNAMON CRUSTOS and what a lame dad I’d be if I let that happen.

After I paid, I was invited to earn a free combo meal by taking a customer survey. I figured I’d take the survey because this Taco Time has screwed up our order on a number of occasions. But they always fix it so I was planning on filling out a generally positive survey.

But Taco Time does not want my feedback.

I went to their website and clicked the “Take our Survey” link and was presented with this message:

screen_2008-08-30 10.51.01

I tried again and and again and received the same message each time.

This is the first I can remember a company saying they have received enough feedback and don’t want anymore. I’ll bet it’s a case of Taco Time not wanting to give out more combo meals. But they should still allow me to fill out a survey.

How can they “appreciate” my feedback when they don’t allow it to be given?

So I went back to the homepage. While I’m here I might as well enter the drawing for the Ford Escape Hybrid, right? That’s almost as cool as CINNAMON CRUSTOS. But when I clicked “Click here for more details” it tried to launch a PDF file.

screen_2008-08-30 11.39.37

Who has time for this nonsense?

3 thoughts on “Taco Time Does Not Want My Feedback

  1. I’m chuckling at “Cinnamon Crustos”. I think Taco Bell has something like that too, but I’m sure they’r not called cinnamon crustos. 🙂


  2. You can’t get something for nothing. There is never going to be an easy way of navigating the business websites. They paid big money to people who just make it hard.

    Cinnamon Custos sound like they came from Krusty the Klown…


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