How Not To Order A Smoothie

Before we fly to Anaheim to spend a week at Disneyland, Kim and I decided to schedule a babysitter so we could have a few hours to ourselves. We had lunch at Zao Noodle Bar before walking over to Cold Stone Creamery where Kim ordered her usual: Sweet Cream with Oreo and banana.

I’m never quite sure what to get, but today a smoothie looked good. I looked at the large menu board and saw a sign similar to this:


Whatever it’s called, it sure looked good, but I had no idea how to pronounce it. So I looked at other options not wanting to look like an idiot when I ordered. But I couldn’t find anything that looked as good as the SomethingOrOther Blueberry Banana Smoothie.

I even asked Kim and she didn’t know how to say it. Now what should I do?

When it came my turn to order, I pointed to the menu board and said, “I’ll have one those….” and then I tried to pronounce the word, “NrGize” as best I could. But something went horribly wrong. As I tried my enunciate the word, I put too much emphasis on the larger, uppercase case letters and the word that came out sounded like a racial slur.

Smoothie Fail.

The first time you saw the sign above did you know how to pronounce it? I hope you had better luck than I did.

On a positive note, the blueberry banana whateverthehellyoucallit was tasty and I made it safely out of the store.

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6 thoughts on “How Not To Order A Smoothie

  1. @Kel – I just didn’t get it when I was there in line. Maybe it was just too much pressure. I should have ordered a mint chocolate chip milkshake and been done with it.


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