Holding Hands

Holding hands is underrated.

I remember the first time I held Kim’s hand. We hadn’t known each other very long. I held her hand and swung her arm as while we walked around Las Vegas.

While still in my teens I’d walk around Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City holding my grandma’s hand. It helped keep her balance. It made me feel special. I didn’t mind the leisurely pace because the flowers and fountains were so peaceful and beautiful. And it meant I could spend more time with her. When I see my grandma now the first thing she does is take my hand. I love that.

My brother-in-law took this picture of Anna (1 day old) holding Luca’s finger.

I walked Lincoln and Luca to the bus stop on Friday. Luca skipped ahead of me. That’s what 2nd graders do I’m told. But Lincoln gripped my hand as tight as he could. He only released it when the bus arrived so he could wave to me as he walked towards the black stairs leading to the seats on the bus. 

When it was time to pickup Luca from school I walked around the corner of our house and waited for the big yellow bus to arrive. I figured she’d jump off the bus and hop on down the road. When the bus pulled up, she looked out the window and smiled. I was right. She hopped off the bus. But she came right up to me, grabbed my hand and we walked home together hand in hand.

Yep, holding hands is underrated.

4 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. I agree it is underrated. Mine don’t seem to do it very often. Thankfully my wife is a big advocate of it and constantly is grabbing my hands to hold. Love it…


  2. In general, hugging, hand-holding, etc. is a big thing.

    My mother was (as was normal then) young and intellectual and explained things to me when all I wanted was a hand held or a hug. I remember coming up behind her when she was at her desk doing bills and wishing i could just hug her…but there was always a barrier, some reason No.

    Now of course we hug a lot, and it feels great, And we hold hands.

    As a parent, I know there are a lot of things I can and can’t do for my kids, and I know I will do a lot of things “wrong” (I’m a firm believer in everyone doing their best and everyone forgiving everyone) but one thing I will not do is underhold my children while they still let me. Hands, selves, whatever I can get. It’s often a pinch as they walk by, which they think is funny, sometimes. Other times, they just feel harrassed.

    Oh well! They’ll get it when they’re parents. If their kids are lucky.


    1. @Abigail
      I enjoyed your comment a lot. You’re further along the parenting trail than I am and it’s good to hear your kids still like the occasional hug. I don’t recall hugging my mother or father very often growing up. I wish I had been more comfortable with it back then.


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