Floating Around Splash Mountain

As I stepped into the log that would transport us up Splash Mountain, a cast member (that’s what Disneyland calls their employees) told me to sit at the back of the log so I could watch my three oldest kids sitting in front of me. We were the only four people in log as we made our way though the twisty path and higher up the mountain.  Each child flipped their head around to see if I was still there as we inched closer to that final descent.

Yet that final plunge can’t take more than 5 seconds. Floating around for a few minutes before that plunge was the best part of the ride for me. My kids asked me questions such like, “Is the water cold?” and we laughed and giggled and did stuff we do when mom isn’t around. I felt like I was seeing the ride through their eyes although I was the only one not hugging the life out of the seat ahead of me.

Taking a break at the ice cream parlor at Disneyland

The Splash Mountain ride was a microcosm of our time at Disneyland this past week. We spent a lot of time waiting in lines. We certainly didn’t set any records for going on the most rides. Moving three young kids and a baby around the park takes patience and aggressive driving skills . I stopped counting the number of feet belonging to strangers I ran over with the stroller. But the time we spent together as a family between rides ended up providing a lot of fun memories.

Nobody threw up. No tantrums were thrown. Not even by the kids. Nobody fell off a ride, nor did any rides have to make an emergency stop due to the actions of our children. We managed to return home with all 4 kids too. By those standards our trip was a success.

And the only person who lost anything was me. On that last trip up Splash Mountain, my Seattle Seahawks hat flew off as we picked up speed going down the final hill.

“Dad, your hair looks all squishy”

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7 thoughts on “Floating Around Splash Mountain

  1. How long were the lines? I thought September was a quiet month, what with school back on.

    That ice cream parlor pic brought back memories of us sitting in that very spot last year.


    1. @Phil
      The lines to most rides weren’t bad although it was my first time to the park so I can’t compare it to mid-summer. Those who had been before said the lines were short. Splash Mountain was busy as was the new Toy Story Mania ride at California Adventure. That and Soaring California were my two favorite rides. The kids loved Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain.


  2. Phil, the lines were great. On the last day we ran onto Thunder Mountain Railroad four times in a row with no wait. Some of the newer and more popular rides had a bit of a wait, but for the most part it was great. Most of the shows at both Disney and California Adventure had little to no wait.


  3. I love Disneyland and California Adventure. The kids and I used to have season passes. Of course we only live about 20 minutes from the park. Makes it easier to go for a few hours and come back another day to enjoy the rides.

    The kids look like they had a great time and your a brave man taking them by yourself…


  4. The lines were actually short unless of course you did the new Toy Story. That was Tasche’s favorite ride. She found that if you go through the ‘single rider’ line it was faster. She did that with her sister while my brother-in-law and I rode California Screamin’. Disneyland is fun without the kids, although we did feel just the teeniest bit guilty on the first day as we walked down main street in the morning on the first day without them. The guilty feeling lasted as long as it took to get on our first ride. BTW the new space mountain was pretty awesome. Bummer we didn’t get to meet up being in the same two block area on Thu & Fri. Glad you enjoyed yourself, we did too.


  5. Disneyland/California Adventure is pretty much our most favorite vacation to take. We try to go every year during the UEA week (which is coming up next month), however….so does everyone else in Utah! The lines can get pretty crazy with all those Utahns down there. Sounds like Daniel went without kids, which I HIGHLY recommend! John and I went there 2 years ago by ourselves and it was so much fun!! No one has to sit off the rides with the baby, no one is too short to go on the big rides, no one throws up, no one whines, no one cries, no one needs their diaper changed, AND you can eat in the Blue Bayou Restaraunt and not go completely broke because you are spending $25 per person (a lot cheaper when there is only two of you compared to seven!)
    Sounds like you guys had a great time! Wecome back to reality (the harded part of vacation in my opinion – coming home).


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