More Goofy Signs in Auburn

The old grungy Auburn Taco Bell got a facelift. It now looks more like a fancy sit down restaurant that serves Chalupas and Crunchwrap Supremes. But that doesn’t mean they have abandoned the goofy signs of the old building. Today’s sign proudly proclaims “WE ARE ALWAYS HIRING”.

I mentioned this on Twitter and and one of my followers replied: “It’s matched by one inside the kitchen that reads: ALWAYS FIRING.” I’m curious to know how current employees feel about this.

The other sign concerns a topic I’ve mentioned before. As I drove by the neighborhood 7-11 I noticed a huge sign hanging off the front of the store that says, UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.

Now this isn’t a hotel or barber shop or even a dry cleaners where a new manager could inject new life into a sagging business by improving customer service. The only time I’ve ever seen a 7-11 employee put down his Maxim and step out from behind the circular counter was to change the nacho cheese packet.

But the best part of this sign at the 7-11 is found on the 2nd line which says, COME SEE OUR NEW PRODUCTS.

New products at 7-11? Really?

Does this mean they have a new line of beef jerky or new Slurpee flavor? Maybe it means a new line of energy drinks and pre-paid phones. Whatever it may be, it must be exciting given the effort that went into the sign.

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