When I Grow Up

During a conversation last night with Mike Henneke we discussed our jobs, and I told him my dream job was to become a writer which would allow me to work from home and live wherever I want. But most of all, it’s something I love to do.

We share a number of same role models like Rick Reilley and Bill Simmons. Both write for ESPN, but their focus is on the players and coaches and other colorful personalities like Charles Barkley. The sport itself often takes a backseat.

I admire people who have been able to carve out a career as a writer. When I was younger I told people I wanted to become an architect or a doctor. By the time I got to college I decided to study marketing and German which prepared me for jobs in retail and door to door sales. Companies like Sears, Hertz, JC Penny and Payless shoes were knocking down my door offering the usual crappy retail work hours and salaries up to $24,000/yr. I accepted a job as a store manager with a gift store primarily because they promised to transfer me to a store in Seattle once I was trained. I’m not joking when I say that my training consisted of the follow two areas of focus:

  1. How to reconcile the cash register
  2. How to catch shoplifters

But I was making a salary and I felt like an NBA player who had just signed with the Blazers. So I did what any poor college graduate would do and bought a red Mazda Miata. Obviously It didn’t take many passing Ford F150 drivers yelling, “CHICK CAR!!” before I traded it for a Passat GLX.

When I finally moved to Seattle I realized I could earn more working 4 hours on a Saturday doing computer work than I could working a week at my retail job.

I’ve been goofing around with computers ever since. I’ve slowly made my way up the ladder into management where my time is spent doing the following:


But the job is stable, the hours are manageable and it allows Kim to be home during the day with our children.

Yet I still ask myself, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

I’ve asked myself that question a lot lately. Probably because I’m not getting any younger, and it feels like the dream of becoming a writer is slipping away. Maybe it’s not realistic to chase a dream while raising four young children. Some may call it reckless.

But I’m not going to stop dreaming.

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5 thoughts on “When I Grow Up

  1. Write what?
    How many successful writers (those that can support a family of six) can you name?
    It’s like being a great – GREAT – college basketball player and trying to make the NBA and stay there.
    Plus you’re OLD.
    (Save this post and rub my nose with it when you sign your first big advance check.)


  2. Your work day looks alot like mine. Except maybe a little blogging during the day.

    They’re have been many writers who didn’t become famouse until later in life. Sometimes you have to have a life first before you can write about it.

    Remember your friends when your rich and famous though…


  3. Seems to me you are just over complicating it.

    My father was an aerospace engineer. Worked on big defense projects. Was not his love or passion by a LONG shot. Paid the bills for seven kids. Woodworking was his passion. He brought an engineers perfection to every project. He fixed up homes, built cabinetry, all sorts of projects on week nights and all weekend long (i know as I was one of seven slaves he had trained to work for free).

    Work to make money. Write to have fun. The two do not have to overlap.


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