Hong Kong Phooey

I thought it would be fun to set the Tivo to grab a few episodes of my favorite cartoon as a kid, Hong Kong Phooey. When I was a young, I’d wake up at 6 am and plop in my beanbag chair with a cold Pop Tart to catch new episodes of my favorite crime fighting hero and his cat named Spot.  image

I told my kids I had a surprise for them. We gathered on the couch and I explained  that we’d watch an episode of my favorite cartoon together called Hong Kong Phooey. They thought that sounded cool. They were not quite sure what to make of the intro/theme song or the old school animation.

Within 5 minutes the questions started rolling in:

  • Is Hong Kong Phooey a dog or a cat?
  • Why is the cat named Spot?
  • Is that the same cat from Alice and Wonderland?
  • Why’s his car in the garbage can?

This isn’t how I remembered the great Hong Kong Phooey at all. I just accepted him at face value and appreciated his superb crime fighting skills. Even if Spot did all the work.

My kids were bored, and asking questions was more interesting than watching a dog  mop floors as the hero disguised as a janitor. I still prefer simple cartoons. I could never keep track of all the Superfriends.

I knew it was time to wind things down when Anna asked, “Dad, when is this over so we can watch the Smurfs?”

Hmmm…I wonder if they’d enjoy Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels any better?

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Phooey

  1. Some of the cartoons I used to watch include Sliverhawks, Thundercats, Voltron, Transformers, Gummi Bears, Duck Tales, G.I. Joe, Muppet Babies, Plastic Man, Starcom: The U.S. Space Force, Animaniacs (ok I was a little older for this one), Not many people remember Hong Kong Phooey though I watched it as well along with Captain Cave Man and all the other Hanna-Barbera shows like Jabberjaw or Yogi’s Gang where they travel around the world in a flying ark, searching for a paradise to call home, a place without pollution or crime.

    I remember the marital arts dog would listen to the police radio and then go into a filing cabinet to do a quick wardrobe change where Spot would always have to help him get unstuck from the drawer. Then they’d hit the gong to transform the Phooeymobile that had a similar canopy type top like the Flintstones vehicle.


  2. yeah them was the days. I had a Hong Kong Phooey lunchbox. I think i started either Kindygarden or first grade and I thought HKP was ok cartoon to watch before going to school. I forget who played his voice, but I know it was a famous black dude.


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