The Medicine Cabinet

At least once a week I make a trip to the medicine cabinet located in our breakimg003 room at work. Some days I go looking for the two pack variety of aspirin to calm a headache. It beats fighting with the child-proof bottle for ten minutes like I do at home.

Other times I just browse to see what’s new. Who knows, maybe they added another flavor of cough drop to the mix or another shape of band aid. I’m game for whatever surprise might come my way.

The medicine cabinet has so much to offer that I feel like I’m inside my own little drug store. Except, everything is free for the taking and there’s no condom section.

My favorite item in the medicine cabinet is a set of blue rubber gloves. Each time I open the cabinet I look to make sure the gloves are still in the upper left corner. Just in case I need them. I don’t know why I would need a set of rubber gloves, but it’s comforting to know they are there.

I hope I never suffer a workplace injury so serious that someone dashes off to the medicine cabinet in search of gloves.

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2 thoughts on “The Medicine Cabinet

  1. It used to remind me of when my sister was a medical transcriptionist. They used to let her take home all sorts of medical samples. So much so that she would fill up a shopping bag with all sorts of good drugs for medicinal purposes. No rubber gloves though.


  2. Growing up with a pharmacist as a father, I rarely went to see a doctor for ‘office visits’. My house was like a miniature drug store. There was always a supply of antibiotics on the shelf. We never had the pleasure of rubber gloves either.

    Does any workplace medicine cabinet have condoms?


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