A Few Things That Make Me Happy

Listening to music like this or this as LOUD as I want when I’m home alone.

Receiving positive feedback on an employee who doesn’t receive much recognition.

Holding hands with Luca and Lincoln while walking to the bus stop.

Jumping off the treadmill feeling exhausted and barely able to remove my shoes.

Meetings that get cancelled at the last minute.

The feeling of my teeth after using Rembrandt toothpaste.

My snoring boxer keeping me company late at night while I’m typing at the computer.

Homemade cinnamon rolls delivered warm by good friends

Searching for the perfect word to describe a feeling or experience and finding it.

Websites that are optimized for Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. 

Climbing into bed and putting my cold feet on Whim’s legs.

A nacho chip with the right amount of gooey cheese.

Reading the blogs of people who inspire me like Mike, Dave and Edna.

Taking a twisty road on a sunny day in my car.

Brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts.

8 thoughts on “A Few Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I see people post these lists from time to time and I think, “Oh, I don’t have time to sit and think about that.” !!!! How ungrateful of me!!!! I shouldn’t really even have to sit and think about it anyway. I could think about it all day and then type it up. SO, I shall think more today about what makes me happy and maybe my day will be a little more pleasant.
    Great songs btw, listening to music as loud as I want when no one else is home is definitely something that makes me happy.


  2. There’s a twisty road near our house where I like to take the Sienna. Ever try to corner in a Toyota Sienna? It’s not a pretty sight.
    Still, combine that with loud music and I’m happier than Kirstie Alley in a buffet line.


  3. Great list. My mouth is watering over the cinnamon rolls, my favorite alltime breakfast.

    I going to probably think that another is when the kids climb into your lap and cuddle.


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