Obama Buttons

My three Obama buttons arrived by mail today. They couldn’t have come soon enough because a McCain figurine showed up on my desk at work this afternoon. I don’t know who the thoughtful conservative is but he/she is in dire need of an Obama button.

My plan is to sneak them on to the jackets of my most conservative workers without being noticed. I already have all three people in mind.


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4 thoughts on “Obama Buttons

  1. That’s awesome. I wish I were one of you ultra-conservative co-workers so I would find one on my jacket.
    Where in the world do you get a McCain figurine? Are his arms slightly stretched out to the side and does he say, “My friends?” You need to take a picture of him… holding one of the Obama pins. Haha.


  2. Sure go rub it in; you got your buttons and I am still waiting. At least I know it is the USPS’s fault.

    If only you had an Palin figurine think of the fun they could have together.


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