Using My Shopping Life Lines

I went grocery shopping at the Fred Meyer tonight. I try not to shop on Sunday but rationalized it by telling myself it was almost 11 pm. It was Pre-Game Monday.

I just wanted a big jar of peanuts and maybe some pistachios if they were on sale.

That’s it.

I should have been in and out there in under 10 minutes. image

But I made a mistake right off the bat by grabbing a shopping cart instead of a basket. It was a mistake because it gave me license to wander aimlessly through the store looking for items I don’t need or that we already have. Yet there’s something about roaming the aisles with a cart that lets other shoppers know I’M A GROCERY SHOPPING PRO.

When I see a guy toting a basket my first thought is, “His wife sent him to buy feminine supplies that he’s camouflaged with a Car & Driver”.

I wasn’t in the store 15 seconds when I couldn’t remember if we needed apples. So I called Kim who said, no, we didn’t need apples but she wanted bananas.

How many bananas? Organic or regular? Ripe or semi-ripe? I never know.

Then I wandered over to the nut section. But on the way I noticed the low carb flat bread, and they had ALL THREE FLAVORS. Yet, I couldn’t remember if we had any in the freezer which lead to call #2.

As I walked back to the register I passed the cheeses. Few sections at the store are more confusing to me than the cheese section. All the brands and choices and goofy foreign varieties overwhelm me to the point where I’m forced to use a life line. Kim confirmed we didn’t have cheese so I grabbed a huge block of “sharp” cheddar.

That was after I spent another 10 minutes deciding whether I needed “mild”, “medium” or “sharp” and what brand to choose.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim tells me stay home next time while she does the shopping.

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One thought on “Using My Shopping Life Lines

  1. I have so been there with you. I feel cheated if I don’t wander each and every aisle. I might forget something or like you find the elusive item that I know I have a coupon for, back at the house…


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