The Answer Escapes Me

When I graduated from college I thought I knew the answers to a number of questions about history, and music and accounting.

A few months into my first real job I figured I knew all about hiring, training and butt kissing. image

When I got married I received on-the-job training in showing courtesy, diplomacy and kindness.

Now that I have four enthusiastic young kids running around the house I know that I don’t know JACK SQUAT.

Which is a huge shot to my ego because I was starting to think I could at least keep my score in the positive and stick around for final Jeopardy were I ever invited to be a contestant during “College Week”.

Having children has only confirmed that I don’t know much of anything. A day doesn’t go by that I’m fielding questions for which Google has no answer. Here’s a sampling of the questions the kids asked me as we washed the cars this weekend:

“What is the most important part of the car?”

“What are windows made of?”

“How does a sponge hold so much water?”

“How come we have to sing in church?”

“How do my new glasses make my eyes see better?”

“Who makes it rain?”

It won’t be long before my kids know more than I do and won’t look to me for answers.

But hopefully they will continue to use my lap as a pillow and my back as a ladder to the top bunk.

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  1. Unfortuntely the questions don’t get easier as they get older. I can get a daughter coming to me and ask “Why did the boy not call?” or “Why can’t I stay out past 11:00?” I’m getting too old for this…



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