The Thankful Tree

Last night we gathered the kids around and Kim told them a story about gratitude. We talked about what it means to be grateful. Luca summed up the discussion by saying, “That’s why we have Thanksgiving. It reminds us to be thankful for all our stuff”.

Kim handed out five leaves to Luca, Lincoln and Anna and asked them to draw pictures of things for which they are thankful. Kim and I also participated, but our leaves lacked the artistic value compared to those the kids created.

Luca is thankful for clocks, chairs and plants.

Lincoln is thankful for clouds and fruit and computers.

Anna is thankful for her friends and family

Kim is thankful for her washer and dryer and dark chocolate.

I am thankful for rain and high speed internet.

Kim taped the tree and all its leaves to the back door. I like how it turned out.


7 thoughts on “The Thankful Tree

  1. Great idea. Brilliant.

    I am also thankful for high speed internet, digital cameras, toilets, good health, warm home. Not necessarily in that order.


  2. We did something similar except we used a cornucopia instead of a tree and wrote what we are thankful for on cut outs of fruits & vegetables. I put down many simple things that I often take for granted but are very important to me such as my sight and hearing.


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