Kai Can’t Sleep

Last night, Kim and I were sitting downstairs typing away at our computers. All the kids were in bed for the evening, and I thought I’d have a few hours to goof around on Digg and Twitter and maybe post a blog.

That’s when we heard Kai over the baby monitor. He doesn’t start with a gentle whimper and build up to a full crescendo. Nope. He starts at a level 11. The baby monitor is redundant.


Kim looked at me. I looked at Kim.

I couldn’t manufacture an excuse fast enough. Kim said, “He’s too attached to me. Maybe he’ll go down better for you. So turn off the Pink Floyd and get upstairs”.

I added that last part.

So I dragged my butt upstairs and into Kai’s room. When he saw me he stopped crying. His face was soaked in tears. Even his hair was damp. But he sat there staring back at me while clutching his blanket.

As long as I looked at him he was fine. But the second I took a step towards the door, he’d cry. His eyes drooped. His entire little body was exhausted. Too tired to sleep.

I decided to lay down next to his crib. I propped my head up on a worn copy of Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. It took a few more Dr. Seuss books to bring my head even with his so I could look into his eyes. He turned his head towards me and didn’t take his eyes off me for 10 minutes. I told myself I was taking part in a blinking competition, but I lost the first three games and called it quits.

I don’t know who fell asleep first. Probably me. I peeled the Cat and the Hat book off my face. Kai’s still facing me but his eyes are now closed, and all I hear is his soft breathing. I was in such a rush to get him to sleep, yet now I wish he were awake.

Staring back at me with those big blue eyes.

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5 thoughts on “Kai Can’t Sleep

  1. After three kids, and many many nights with the same phenomenon im not thinking this is so cute anymore 🙂 But i know what you mean, it is the same thing when they are smaller and fall asleep on your breast while lying on the couch. Small cute monkeys sometimes 😉


  2. Your kids resemble ours a bit. Which makes them the 2nd most beautiful kids I know, or tied if I’m being generous. 😉 You can’t blame me for thinking my kids are the most beautiful in the world. Shouldn’t we all think that about our kids?

    You have my sympathies re: the sleeping difficulties of Kai. I used to have to walk “Josie” around the house for UP TO SIX HOURS in a sling before she sleep solidly enough for me to put her down so I could pee, care for her brother, or contemplate running away. I endured this for months. Also, she didn’t eat solid food until 15 months of age, aside from the very rare turkey or avocado.

    It’s nice that you’re enjoying this. A blog is a great way to step back and appreciate. The modern journal– yay.


  3. I’m with Nils. After doing this with my two oh so many years ago, it was not fun. I found myself in your same position many times, asleep on the floor next to the crip…


  4. Well, everybody, when they are your grandchildren and you hear about it you’ll think it’s really cute again … and you’ll be glad you’re a grandparent! Kai looks so adorable. And he’s one year old now. I can’t believe how fast this last year went by. Kim tells me he got a bad shiner for his birthday.


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