Mandolin Rain

Bruce Hornsby released “The Way It Is” in 1986, the year I graduated from high school. The title track was difficult to avoid that year. I didn’t think much much of the album until I was in Wiesbaden, Germany hanging out at a gorgeous park on our preparation day.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might assume missionaries search out opportunities to listen to regular music and you’d be right. It was easier giving up dating and movies and television. image

On this summer day, we’d finished our chores for the day and decided to throw the football at the park which we did until we realized we’d wandered into a “clothes optional” park. At the very least, shirts were optional because we hadn’t been tossing the football for more than a few minutes when two girls setup shop near our backpacks and decided to go topless.

After spending a few minutes to calm my companion, we grabbed our bags and moved further up the hill from everyone. We had a good laugh about the whole experience and then kicked back with our Walkmans.

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally I’ll catch a glimpse of a song and immediately love it.  It’s the part when Bono pulls out the harmonica at the end of “Running To A Stand Still” or the first time I heard “Woods” from George Winston at the the 2:14 mark.   It’s the part of the song that speaks directly to you. It’s not easy to explain and many people will not understand. But that doesn’t matter, because for whatever reason it hits your ears and then your soul at the right moment.

That’s what happened on me that day in Germany as I kicked back on the grass and listened to the end of “Mandolin Rain”. At about 4:50 he slows down the piano and then at 5:07 he adds “Listen to the Mandolin Rain…..nnyaa”.

Just perfect. Makes me smile every time.


2 thoughts on “Mandolin Rain

  1. As an American living and working in Brazil, I can relate to hearing snatches of songs that make me smile. My kids are going to be the teens that have old 80’s and 90”s songs on their ipods-of-the-future because its what their dad listened to.


  2. I love Bruce and his music. That song also brings back great memories.1986 was the year I first got married. We had that song playing at our reception…


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