The Laundry Pile

Here’s how Kim sorts laundry:laundry

  1. Whites
  2. Colors
  3. Darks
  4. Delicates
  5. Dresses/Fancy material
  6. Blankets/Sleeping Bags
  7. Items that don’t go in the dryer 
  8. Rugs/Towels

Here’s how I sort the laundry:

  1. Lights
  2. Darks

The way Kim sorts laundry into 8 piles compared to my two is a good illustration of how we both approach other areas of our lives. Kim sees a life with many layers that one peels back much like an onion. I’m much more black or white in my approach.

For example, this week Kim told me about an issue she’s having with a friend. She’s been weighing various options, carefully thinking over how each could play out. She’s created a mental spreadsheet keeping track of the pros and cons while attempting to predict the outcome. No choice will be 100% right or wrong.

Yet when she explained the situation to me I said, “Just tell your friend no”. I view life less like an onion and more like an orange.

This is usually how things play out. The same goes for ordering food. Kim knows exactly what each child will eat and all the special requests and required customizations. She has no problem remembering that Luca likes chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce but only from Wendy’s while Anna likes hamburgers with cheese and no pickle but only from McDonalds.

Unless Kim is there to order with me, the kids are getting a plain cheese pizza. There’s no chance my mind can recall that level of detail.

But I wouldn’t change Kim and I doubt Kim would want to change me. We balance each other out in this regard, and each approach has its merits.

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6 thoughts on “The Laundry Pile

  1. This is where opposites attract. As long as you both understand that your in great shape. My ex and I were exactly like you and your wife. Our differences where that we tried to change each other and accept them…


  2. I sort laundry into 3 piles:

    Cat Fur – a combination of light & dark clothes worn around the house, plus socks.

    When I’ve worn a button down shirt it goes on a hanger in a spare closet. I then take them to the cleaners to be laundered & pressed, light starch. I don’t iron. The cleaners like me because I recycle the hangers.


  3. This sounds familiar. It’s probably a very bad sign that Jude actually remembers everyone’s McDonald’s order, including my extra pickles.

    As for laundry, I have three basic piles: lights, darks, stained. Then blankets and such get grouped together when I wash them every other year. And that’s about it. Even delicates have their own bag and go in with the rest of the laundry. Because if they’re more delicate than that, that’s their fault.


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