The Block Toss

While Kim and the three older kids were putting ornaments on our tree, I was in charge of watching Kai who recently turned 1 year old. I placed him in his Bjorn Babysitter Balance and put a basket full of toys within his reach.

But he wasn’t interested in the blocks or stuffed animals, and he began tossing them under my feet. It wasn’t long before the basket was empty.


I put the toys back in the basket, and he proceeded to toss them at me again.

He wanted my attention.

So I gently lifted him out of the Bjorn and placed him on my lap. I tried to type, but Kai’s little hands were too fast. He pounded the keyboard making it impossible to do much on the computer.

He wasn’t hungry. He wasn’t tired.

I handed him a plastic block. He looked at it as if to say, “Is this the best you can do?”

I reached over and grabbed it out of his hand assuming he was about to toss it at my computer screen. I figured he’d start whining. 

But just the opposite happened.

He laughed and giggled himself silly.

So I gave him the block again and quickly grabbed it out of his little hands. I did this over and over till he had tears streaming down his face from laughter.

You’d think I’d understand this by now but children love interaction. They love to see your face and look into your eyes. They love to see you smile back at them. They crave the back and forth reactions that make them feel loved.

For all the time and money I’ve spent making sure Kai has a place to sit or bounce or sleep, nothing beats being embraced by a loved one.

Hopefully next time he won’t have to toss blocks at my feet in order to get my attention.

3 thoughts on “The Block Toss

  1. Have you read the little story about the little boy who sat on his mommy’s lap and she rocked him … and then she grew old and he held her on his lap and rocked her right before she died? It is about the size of a Little Golden Book and it breaks me down every time I read it. Time goes by so quickly and it’s a big circle.
    I love your blogs, Brett … this little guy is an absolute charmer and loves to be part of the action. I miss them all. Keep posting about them!


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