Grocery Shopping Success

Kim wrote the list. I did the shopping. Not once did I have to call home and ask which brand of yogurt or bread to buy. Kim knows that if she gives me a little leeway, I’ll eventually figure it out.

The only item on the list that gave me problems was the 6 volt battery.

Our church leaders continue to stress the importance of having a 72-hour kit on hand, and that’s how many hours I would have spent trying to locate this flashlight battery on my own.

But a kind gentlemen working the fabric section directed me to to the secret lair of battery stands near the lotto machine. There, on the bottom shelf, just down from the hearing aid batteries was a couple of 6 volts for the taking.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited to finally locate an elusive grocery item.

The last time was probably the night I spent 30 minutes playing hide-and-go-seek with the lime juice.

*Note the small tears to the left of each item. The true sign of a shopping pro.


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7 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Success

  1. It’s always nice for the wife to specify hamburger as ground beef, otherwise, we’d end up at Wendy’s for a burger and frosty on the way home from the store.


  2. Every week we write the details of whats needed from the market on the blackboard. Each week I make the journey into the Supermarket to recover those items for our own cupboards. When I return we wipe from the board the collected items , this was the result of the latest large shopping expedition


  3. If I was you I would complain to Kim. The list should be written in order of the store layout so you don’t miss anything or have to back track. Like the tortilla should be grouped together and if your store is like most probably pretty close to the bread.

    Kim can thank me later.


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