My Favorite Musician of 2008

One feature I like about iTunes is that I can see which songs I listen to most often. This year my top 20 is dominated by Chris Botti songs. I’d never heard of him until Slacker radio played Indian Summer on afternoon and I was hooked. botti

When I’ve returned from a stressful day at work or I need a break from the kids I turn to my Chris Botti playlist, kick back with my headphones and tune out the world.

His music has the ability to relax me without putting me to sleep. It’s complex enough that it takes a few listens to ease into while some tracks  are immediately approachable. One of my favorite songs is called “Like I Do Now” and it’s one of the few with vocals. Most of his music is instrumental.


Have you listened to Chris Botti before? If so can you suggest similar musicians I might enjoy?

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Musician of 2008

  1. How about . . .

    Jim Brickman
    David Lanz
    Keiko Matsui
    Waymon Tisdale
    Paul Brown

    And I second what goinglikesixty recommends as well, especially David Benoit and Fourplay.

    You’d probably like KWJZ 98.9 here in Seattle. It’s what’s on my radio most of the time. You can even listen online at

    Hope that helps!
    ~ Annie


  2. Brett- Very nice music. I have never heard of him either. However, as I was listening I kept thinking the sound and style of his horn reminded me of a song by one of my favorite artists. I had to search through my cds and found the song, sure enough in the credits: Chris Botti (trumpet)


  3. After reading your post the other day I downloaded Chris Botti’s album on Zune Marketplace and enjoyed listening to it while I snuggled my daughter to sleep as I watched the snow fall from my upstairs window.


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