Like Father

My father worked at the same job for the same school district for 32 years. dad

I’m on my 8th job in less than half that time. 

My father starts his day at 5 am.

I start blogging at 2 am.

My father is hyper-organized.

I barely made it in time for my own wedding.

In spite of our differences, we are close friends. As we kicked back in front of the TV watching football today, I recognized how much he has influenced my life. He looks for the positive in people and goes out of his way to give others the benefit of the doubt. But the trait I noticed at an early age is the one I’ve tried to emulate the most often: don’t hold grudges.

I’ve make a number of boneheaded decisions over the years. Some of them have caught my father’s attention. But he doesn’t dwell on the problem. Like the time I hit a speed bump that cracked the windshield of his new car. Or the time I borrowed his ten-speed without permission that was stolen when I forgot to lock it while I played pool.

I wish my father lived closer so I could spend more time with him.

I coax him to Seattle by telling him our kids miss him. And they do.

But the truth is I miss him just as much.

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8 thoughts on “Like Father

  1. That’s a great post, Brett. I know your dad only superficially, but he sounds like someone worth knowing much, much better. Great advice about grudges. And I wish more child/parent relationships were as good.

    By the way, I recently watched American Beauty for the second time, primarily because of one of your blog posts, and while I don’t think it hit me with quite the impact it did you, it’s still a great film. Thanks for re-bringing it to my attention.


  2. Your dad sounds like a great man. I didn’t have a relationship with a dad until stepdad came into my life pretty late. I would tell you to treasure your relationship but it sounds like you already dol.


  3. Brett, as you and I have driven many times to work in the carpool and vanpool I’ve heard a lot about your dad. A lot of what I’ve heard reminds me of my dad. It’s such a blessing to have such a great example in a father. Where is that picture taken?


  4. @Matthew Griffith – That picture of my dad was taken on the baseball field at Ogden High School during the last game of the year a week before my father retired. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him.


  5. You know Brett I read this and had to laugh….your Dad was one of the only coaches at Ogden High School that didn’t accuse me of trying to ruin Mark Heslop’s life and his athletic career!


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