The Perfect Day

Woke up late.

Had cinnamon sugar French toast at Sun Break Cafe.

Took kids to mall. Didn’t lose a single one.

Played “Ramblin Man” on Guitar Hero.

Sat on front steps listening to the rain hit the roof.

Chatted with my dad as we watched Utah wax Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Listened to “River Man” from Till Bronner.


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. Omigosh, havent been to the SunBreak Cafe in over 12 years. Not since they had to move to make room for the Highway 18 on ramp. Sometimes I miss living in Auburn. no, really!


  2. @Todtod – I enjoy the area a lot. As much as we enjoyed Woodinville is low key and a good place to raise our kids. I wish it was closer to work but we like the area. And yes, the Sun Break Cafe is just awesome.


  3. Brett, in regards to Natasha’s comment, you know as well as I do that blog size isn’t everything.
    For me, the day would have been more perfect with a call from my old flame Scarlett Johannson and an offer to QC down at the local Orange Julius stand.


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