Look Who Got New Glasses

I can’t imagine a 6-year old any more excited to get glasses than our Lincoln. He’s asked us each day for the past week if his glasses were ready to pickup.

Kim picked up her contact lenses yesterday and Lincoln was disappointed his glasses had not come in.

Tonight the call arrived. They were ready.

But it was 5:50 pm and Sears Optical closed at 6. I explained how excited Lincoln was to pickup his glasses and wear them to school tomorrow. If we arrived while he was still in the store he’d hand them over.

We jumped in the Odyssey and took off. I pulled into the parking lot and ran up to the door with Lincoln in tow at 6:10. I didn’t want leave him disappointed again, but figured at least we tried.

But we were in luck! A few lights were still on and we were invited inside.

Lincoln sat down on a stool. He couldn’t stop grinning. Nor could he stop twirling around in the chair and making goofy faces in the small mirror. The young man reached into a drawer and pulled out a small pair of glasses. He fiddled with them for a few minutes in order to find the right fit to Lincoln’s face.

I left this young man a tip and told him thank you for making our son’s day. As I opened the door to return to the car, Lincoln ran past me.

He could not wait to show his older sister his new glasses. If Luca approved of them, that’s all that mattered.


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4 thoughts on “Look Who Got New Glasses

  1. @Sara – I think he did get Luca’s approval. Now they have a club consisting of the kids in the family who wear glasses.


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