Part Time Cosmetologist

Some tasks have my name written all over them. Taking out the garbage, killing spiders and replacing light bulbs come to mind. I’m free to do these any day, any time.

Then there’s the list of jobs I’m never asked to do.

Just ahead of washing delicates is doing the girls hair.

But today was an exception because we were late for church and Kim was busy chasing after Kai.

I called Luca to the bathroom and pulled out a brush. She must have felt like she’d gone to an upscale salon only to find out a first semester cosmetology student would be cutting her hair.

“Wrong brush, dad”

Off to a good start.


I open three drawers looking for one brush that – well – looks like a brush. Some of the tools I uncover look useful only if the goal is to remove sections of scalp. Definitely above my pay grade.

I eventually stumble upon a brush that doesn’t appear to have been created to inflict pain, and I begin to run it through Luca’s hair.

“Spray some of that first”

I pickup a small spray bottle that looks entirely too much like one I used on shirts I ironed a while back. No wonder they smelled strange.

This seems to help the comb move through the hair. I comb the sides and the back. We’re making progress. 

But when it comes to combing Luca’s bangs I have no clue. Right or left. Pulled forward or back. Nothing I do seems to look right. It can’t be this hard, I tell myself. Do I need more spray? Should I break out the hair dryer?

I need a miracle.

Just as I’m about to call for mom, Luca jumps up on the counter and looks in the mirror. She turns her head to the left. Then to the right.

“Looks good, dad”

She gives me a hug, jumps off the counter and runs downstairs.

Just call me Gene Juarez from here on out.

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4 thoughts on “Part Time Cosmetologist

  1. I think you just got lucky. Been there. Done that.
    Both lucky that you got it acceptable to your daughter and lucky that you got to have that experience in the first place. I have no sisters and I still don’t know the proper way to do a ponytail and I’m not sure if I’ll ever learn how to braid anything.


  2. Another awesome blog that those of us with daughters can relate to! Actually my daughter went through a phase where she tried not to hurt my feelings by telling me that she “just liked Dad to do it now”. I finally figured out that my husband was much more worried about combing through those tangles and was doing it with a much more gentle touch than I do. I had to really laugh at “which brush” to use as we have several as well and its funny how we hit panic mode in the mornings when we can’t find the “right” brush (which is usually because someone carried it to the other bathroom). Wait until they get to the age where they want their hair curled with a curling iron in the morning!! 🙂


  3. I had the same problem with the boys until we came up with a great solution. Cut it short enough so it won’t need to be combed. I could be wrong but I don’t think Luca would appreciate that.


  4. Lynn put in some pretty lopsided pony tails. Just ask Whim. Little girls don’t like to hurt their dad’s feelings ,,, unlike when a mother doesn’t get it right,


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