A Bubble Wrap Break

My entire body was sore after I spent an hour chasing a small blue ball around a racquetball court tonight. Occasionally I caught up to the ball and smacked the little bugger. But the chasing outnumbered the smacking, and my legs felt like Jello.

As I walked from the garage to our home I thought, “I hope the kids are asleep”. Or, at the very least, Kim has pumped them full of Benadryl. The last thing I needed were four kids jumping on me or pulling at my sore muscles.


Piggy-back rides to bed will have to wait.

When I walked into the living room, the only person who looked like she was pumped full of Benadryl was Kim. The kids were wide awake and wild as could be. I plopped down on the couch.

“I get to sit by dad!

“So do I!”

“I called it first!”

I know their ploy. They hope I’ll hand over my iPhone so they can play the bubble wrap game.

So I sat there with one arm around each daughter watching “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and trying to imagine what my life would be like with twice the number of children. I also wonder how much Jon is getting paid to stay with Kate who is giving Spencer Pratt a run for his money as the least likeable character on TV.

I like that both daughters want to spend time with me. They don’t care if I’ve been at work all day or ran off to the gym tonight. I might be exhausted, but they haven’t given that any thought. All they care about is the fact that I’m home now, and they want my attention.

Over the next hour I will listen to Luca and Lincoln play a duet on the piano. I’ll wipe a few noses and hike a pair of pants over some plumber’s crack. I’ll listen to Lincoln read me a story about “Sam & Matt”. I’ll beat Luca’s high score on the bubble wrap game and record my name as “Anna” just to see her reaction. I’ll trip over a massive gathering of Polly Pockets and dinosaurs in the middle of the room. I’ll clean a few ears and chase kids up the stairs. If I’m lucky, we’ll say a prayer together without someone’s butt getting blessed.

The times I feel like I need a break as the dad are often the times my kids need their father the most.

6 thoughts on “A Bubble Wrap Break

  1. Yes, that was a good line but I will remember the one about butts getting blessed. That made me laugh out loud.

    Poor Kim. She was probably waiting for you to come home and help.


  2. I love the last line. I agree completely. But keep in mind that sometimes when you need a break most, you need a break to continue to be the kind of dad they need you to be. It’s ok to need some time off too.

    My kids are similarly addicted to my iPhone, though they discovered “pocket god” and now terrorize a selection of island natives, but they did love the bubble wrap game too.


  3. @Natasha – You’re probably right. As worn out as I was, I’m sure Kim was even more tired having chased the kids all day. I’m lucky to have her and thankful she supports my attempts at getting some exercise.


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