Flip Flops

Whenever we’re out shopping I’ll ask Kim if the kids need anything. I don’t know why I ask anymore because inevitably she’ll reply, “Maybe some new rain boots”.

Which makes sense since we live in Seattle where one can never have too many rain boots, umbrellas or Starbucks mint chocolate chip cream frappuccinos.

But today we woke up to clear blue skies and lots of sun. When we saw these flip flops at Macy’s this afternoon we felt it was time to encourage the weather Gods to continue providing us with gorgeous warm weather.

The kids were so excited to sport their colorful summer footwear they begged me to cut the tags off in the store so they could wear them home.

As we walked out of the store, the kids were drawn to the water fountain where they removed their flip flops and dangled their little legs in the water.

Come on, summer. Don’t let us down now.


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One thought on “Flip Flops

  1. I’m sure too much rain is a drag, but I maintain too much sunshine is also oppressive.


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