If The Van’s A Rockin

I waited in the van with the kids tonight while Kim went inside the library to return books.

And the second Kim closes the door, all hell breaks loose. Not with the kids, mind you, but with the only adult left in the car.

I remove the CD from the player because if I hear “All the Single Ladies” one more time I may poke my ears out with a pool cue.

“What should we listen to now?”

The kids know the drill.

“That one song with the whistle! Yeah, and turn it UP LOUD!”

Before you can say, “you should have put a ring on it” I’ve got Paradise City blasting through the speakers in the Odyssey.

They can barely wait for the whistle part which comes in at 1:20 in this video

They go crazy. Seat belts fly off and we’re dancing around the van. And then, without missing a beat, Lincoln rips off this lyric:

“Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty”

He’s only six year old. And he nailed it. Word for word.

“Dad, here comes mom!”

The high fives will have to wait for now.

4 thoughts on “If The Van’s A Rockin

  1. Technically, if he were to get it “word for word”, isn't it “where THE girls are pretty”? ;-D


  2. I can't think of something that could make my day more, than if I were in the parking lot of the library and happened to notice some kids in a van rocking out to Paradise City!! So cute!


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