WordCamp Seattle

On September 26, I will be speaking at WordCamp Seattle. I’ll be speaking about how blogging has made me a better father which gives me just over a month to locate the child I lost at Target tonight.


I can’t wait to learn from the other speakers, and I’m still a bit flattered they would ask me to speak. I’m not a pro-blogger nor am I an SEO expert. I’ve never written a book or even a WordPress plugin.

I don’t even have my own YouTube channel!

I’m just a father who details the adventures of raising four kids in Seattle. I make a lot of mistakes, get my butt kicked at Super Mario, and occasionally make the kids cry.

But maybe that’s worth more than a fat AdSense account.

I hope to see you at WordCamp!

2 thoughts on “WordCamp Seattle

  1. Remember Mike Henneke taught you everything you know. I didn't say you had to tell the truth.Wish I could be there to hear it. I'm sure it's going to be great.


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